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Cannon Films is a young, innovative company with a desire to constantly improve, change, and try new things. Technology that evolves each season gives us an opportunity to stay at the cutting edge of film making, and the rise of social media makes it possible to share our passion with the world.

Timeless Keeping progress in mind, we know it is important to create films that will carry their value beyond the current fads. It can be easy to get carried away with the latest trends in film, but we’ve made it our goal to create classics that will last a lifetime. G.k

What do we do best?

Gabriel Koura has been in the entertainment business for over 26 years, and has extensive knowledge as a director, actor, and producer. His background as a young martial artist and boxer prepared Mr. Koura for his role on the popular television show Power Rangers, playing the part of the Evil Red Ranger/Red Ranger. From there Mr. Koura appeared in numerous films and television shows. Mr. Koura hass starred in overt fifty films/televisions shows. Many of the films he has done are award winning.

Although being a success in front of the camera, Gabriel was always intrigued by the workings of the other side of the business. Mr. Koura used every chance on set as a chance to learn about multiple aspects of the film industry. He eventually found himself directing television shows and films.
Cannon Films produces and distributes motion picture content worldwide. The company is focused on creating and distributing great feature films, documentaries and future television content with dynamic characters, strong and personally identifiable themes and powerful journeys for a worldwide audience.
With over 40 years of experience developing, producing, distributing and financing motion pictures and companies, we are available to act as an advisor and consultant for your next film or television project. We are experienced in story writing, script development, corporate finance, production and distribution from the inception of an idea to distribution of the media content worldwide.
Cannon Films is one of the entertainment companies that welcomes unsolicited material from completed films to scripts and stories in development. We love great passion and creative ideas with a focus on commercial distribution. We respect your privacy and terms and condition for submitting do apply.
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